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My Company of Friends

On the eve of my sixtieth birthday I struggled with how I wanted to mark the occasion. For a while, the thought of just turning off my phone and going to an island seemed like the best thing to do.  As I chewed on several other ideas, each one I came up with seemed more vainglorious than the one before.  At long last I dispensed with self-judgement, and decided on this: a night in which I asked some of my closest friends to pick a song I had written, and to come sing it for me.   I couldn’t think of anything that would mean more, or that I would enjoy more, than this.  So, I went with it.  And you hold in your hand here the result of that decision---the gift of time and talent from those friends. 

It all went down the very night of my sixtieth birthday, May 2, 2017.  At the Junction@Monroe, in Tallahassee.

These are live recordings of the songs that were sung there that night.

I Am Empty Now- performed by Frank Lindamood

Shine Republik Shine- performed by Sarah Mac Band

My People Come from the Dirt- performed by The New 76ers

Purple Felt Sack- performed by Carrie Hamby

It'll Never Be Love Again-performed by Lis & Lon Williamson

You're a Slave to Your Imagination-performed by Mimi Hearn

Punch a Bully in the Mouth- performed by Frank Graham

Basement of Her Heart- performed by Danny Goddard

Elisabeth- performed by Larry Mangum

Lilianna- performed by Ric Edmiston

Company of Friends- performed by Grant Peeples

All songs by Grant Peeples SESAC, Leftneck Music, except for 

"Punch a Bully in the Mouth" by Frank Graham and Grant Peeples

"Company of Friends" by Danny Schmidt

Recorded live on May 2, 2017

Tallahassee, FL



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